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They say, necessity is the mother of invention. Well, Oyofish came into being, more or less in the same fashion. Oyofish has its roots in a web development company, that started way back in 2017. The parent company offered to create websites for businesses, at a time, when the concept of 'Going Online' was pretty nascent. Over the years, clients begun to realise, having a website was not just about getting a website designed and developed. It begun way before that and extended way beyond that. They were faced with the challenge of reliable hosting. And so, there was this newly created demand - Why don't you do it all? Thus began the laying down of initial fibres of hosting. LIttle by little, one server after another, a lot of pitfalls, grilling frustration, learnings, in short, evolution, oyofish grew in number and nuances. Today, we have an entire fleet of servers, all set up locally, a team of nerdy experts that we could not have imagined functioning without, and over 1000+ happy clients. How did it all become this plush? We like to give the credit to our support team. From the day we attended to our first grievance, till date, the team has not let us down. Even now, we make the same age old promise - we use the latest tech stuff and offer round the clock support. So no matter how tiny the glitch, no matter how short the rectification time margin, we still make it a point to listen and attend to each one of those problems.

Back in 20016 there were many over-priced, larger web hosting companies who took up the lion’s share of the market. These companies ran largely unchecked and, as a result, pricing was high and levels of service were low. The lack of good competition allowed the larger hosting companies to continue to get away with over-priced and underperforming web hosting services. was born with the idea of doing things a little different. We started small but with a big idea. We wanted Web Hosting to be something that everyone could afford – from the home user right up to the international corporation.Starting with just a reseller of a larger Web Hosting company, we set about shaking the industry up. By the end of our first year, we had grown from the simple reseller hosting account to running three of our own dedicated servers. We had almost 1,000 clients already and was developing a reputation for affordable quality.

We believe that web hosting should be fast,reliable,simple and that meets the expectations of business users at an affordable price.We always wanted Web Hosting to be something that everyone could afford – from the home user right up to the international corporation.

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